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Sunday, 1 February 2009

About me

Pauline Hornsby was taught to knit by her mother, grandmother and aunts in about 1952. Since then knitting has been her major hobby. Throughout her life she had always wanted some type of career in hand knitting but circumstances forced her along other pathways. It was only when her favourite aunt—who was a superb and prolific knitter—died that coincidentally all dreams began to come to fruition.

In 1994 Pauline joined the Knitting & Crochet Guild, including attending the Cambridgeshire Branch for its monthly meetings where she made many friends. In late 1996 she joined the Editorial Team of SlipKnot, the quarterly journal of the Guild, eventually taking on the responsibilities of Co-ordinating Editor and typesetter, as well as editor and typesetter for other Guild and for KCG Trading publications.

She later joined the Guild Committee and became a member of the Centre for Knitting and Crochet Team, and the Publications Team among other activities. In January 2000 she was a co-founder and appointed Managing Director of KCG Trading Limited, the trading company of the Knitting and Crochet Guild. Her Guild and KCG Trading Limited activities ceased in 2002.

Pauline has taught hand knitting to City & Guilds level and holds the Part 1 qualification. She had given talks and demonstrations, and has led workshops. She has pattern checked for a national magazine for many years and she also pattern checked for a national knitting magazine, renown international knitting book publishers and for international commercial yarn spinners. She has pattern written for national and international knitwear designers, commercial yarn spinners, students and individuals who wanted their ideas translated into knitting patterns. In 2004 she was involved in writing the majority of the patterns for the Dyed in the Wool football fan cardigan exhibition, and in 2006 was co-author with Alice Chadwick of London Tricot, published in French in France and later in English in the USA.

Having started her business in 1998, in mid-2001 she called her business Paulineknit (using her ‘stained glass’ hat [for which a pattern is available] as her logo). She retired from working for others at the end of June 2008 but with the intention of continuing consultancy, design and teaching, and also pursuing publication of her own hand knitting skills booklets, patterns and publications. She is continuing to knit and still attends the monthly knitting group.

In the meantime she is selling former retail stock at reduced prices, and is also selling on secondhand pattern books, patterns and magazines.

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